Taufiq Chua

Best place to be… for your daily prayers -Modern looking mosque -Basement carpark available -Handicap in a wheelchair. No problem. -Basement carpark has a lift to all levels. -Women prayer area is on level 2. -There is a playground for kids just behind the...

Samy Naidu

Yes it was fruitful experience for me to learn and understand the Way the Mosque representative explain the situation they face.We the IRCC members will give our helping hand to our brotherhood Religious Committee.We are at your service Need help please do hesitate....

wilsn odonata

A very modern mosque. Nice design n layout. Great amenities. Convenient.

Abdul Rahman

Convenient mosque for those on the road in the area. Bt parking can be difficult during prayer times.

Qastrina Syarafina

A very clean mosque. The inside of the mosque is very ventilated and is also not hot. Strongly recommended for Muslims to drop by and pray. There is A LOT of fans so you will not need to bother feeling hot inside. The basement will be where you can make reservations...
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