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Youth engagement and development is an essential aspect in the pursuit of a holistic Islamic dakwah and outreach. Islam has always paid undivided attention to the welfare of the youth, be it spiritual development or their personal development as a whole. Youths are valuable asset to our community as well as to the country for they are the generation of our future leaders, and our efforts to nurture and develop them will decide on whether the future of our community will bleak or illuminate with resilience and everlasting success.

Islam has proven that the function spectrum of youths are wider than just being a social onus. In Islam youths are the main catalyst for change and success. Examples from the past will bring us to reflect upon great admirable figures like Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqash who started contributing to the community as an efficacious agent of piety at the age of 17, Zaid Ibn Haritsah started at the age of 20 and Ali Ibn Abi Thalib was only 8 when he joined the flourishing campaign of the prophet of mercy Muhammad s.a.w towards benevolence. Therefore it is fundamental for Mosques being the foothold for all Islamic propagation and outreach effort, to assiduously involve, support and cater programs related to youth engagement and development.



  • To be the platform for Muslim youths to interact and discover themselves as potential leaders.
  • To engage, understand and assist youths in any feasible means or way.
  • To explore the strengths, talents and skills of the Muslim youths.
  • To develop and empower Muslim youths as the steering body towards a community of excellence.

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