Mosque Management Board

Mosques in Singapore are currently managed by volunteers, referred to as Mosque Management Board (MMB) . There are specific units within Muis which oversees the administration of Singapore Mosques in general.

Mosque Management Board of Al-Mawaddah Mosque (Term from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2025)

  1. Firdaus Khan Jamal Khan (Mosque Executive Chairman)
  2. Senin Amak (Vice Chairman)
  3. Mohamed Ejjad Abdul Rahim (Secretary)
  4. Husein Rawi (Treasurer)
  5. Asiah Atan (Member)
  6. Patimah Abdul Rahim (Member)
  7.  Rahamatullah Mohammed Saleem (Member)
  8. Muhammad Fadhil Roslan (Member)
  9.  Muhammad Iskandar Idris (Member)
  10.  Muhammad Izhar Abdul Rahman
  11.  Eryannie Mohamad Sah
  12.  Luqmannulhakim Norman
  13.  Md Asath Sahul Hameed
  14.  Muhammad Ashik bin Ahmad
  15.  Mohammed Fazdzlie Suhaimi

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