aLIVE Madrasah


Towards an Institution of Excellence in Islamic Learning for Young Muslims

To nurture our students with mawaddah (affection) and taqwa (piety) through a dynamic Islamic education

Al-Mawaddah Mosque is using the aLIVE programme as the curriculum for its weekly madrasah (once a week), in line with the aspiration of the Singapore Islamic Education System.

The aLIVE programmes are being developed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) as part of its continuous improvement efforts towards excellence in structured part-time Islamic Education for the young.

aLIVE seeks to provide a national baseline Islamic Education curriculum for all young Muslims, 5-24 years old to help them face life’s challenges and remain true to their Muslim identity in a multi religious, multi ethnic society and globalised world. This programme is conducted in English.

For detailed information about the aLIVE Curriculum, please visit

Since 2009, aLIVE@Al-Mawaddah is humbled and pleased to have worked with parents in nurturing and teaching Islamic education to the young , from age 5 to 20 years old. We have taught close to 1500 Muslim children residing in Hougang, Sengkang and Punggol. Our students are diverse in race and background. Having classes conducted in English has allowed our students to meet friends of different races and ethnicity and an opportunity for them to understand Unity in the Ummah.

Our classes incorporated aLIVE Qur’anic Literacy and Solat Literacy at all levels. This is an important component to allow students from different levels to learn basic Islamic education, apart from their weekly lessons as designed in the aLIVE Curriculum.

Currently, Al-Mawaddah conducts about 70 classes from Kids, Tweens, Teens and Youth aLIVE on weekends and weekdays. For a glimpse of aLIVE@ Al-Mawaddah, please like our Facebook page.

Apart from the weekly classes, aLIVE@Al-Mawaddah conducted holiday programmes for students and the public.

Some of our holiday programmes are:

– Khalifah Chef for Kids

– AQL for Tweens / Clinic Iqra

– Tweens Camp / Girls Camp

– Astronomy Workshop (conducted by vendor)

– Introduction to Khat for Kids (conducted by vendor)

– Tweens / Teens Solat Workshop

Our fieldtrips and learning journeys include:

– Hortpark, Botanic Gardens

– Bollywood Veggies

– East Coast Park

– Coney Island

– Youth aLIVE Discourses

– Harmony Centre

Yearly Events:

– Zikra Rasul

– aLIVE Day

– Graduation Day

– Family Day

Our Asatizah are a mix of Diploma and Degree holders from various local and international Islamic Institutions such as Al-Azhar, IIUM, UM, Al-Zuhri, etc. Teachers go through a series of aLIVE Trainings conducted by Muis. Teachers are trained in classroom management, instructional strategies and curriculum delivery. There are teachers who have diplomas or certificates in preschool teaching.

Asatizah at Al-Mawaddah have to go through Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) and Quranic Teachers Recognition Scheme (QTRS).

The Education Team

1) Head of Education

2) Level Coordinators/ Full Time Asatizah

3) Resident Teachers

4) Relief Teachers

Under the Education unit, there are also:

– Iqra

– Tamil Madrasah

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